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Stairs and Railings

Here at Precision Stairs Systems, we strive to meet the needs of every one of our customers, and can create stair systems to fit whatever project they may have. We can design and install custom free-standing or foundation-supported stairs and landings to fit any home of project you may have.

We can create Custom Railings, mouldings, treadends and various moulding and kick boards to create any type of classic, comtemporary, or modern look or finish desired. We can create straight or curved handrails from any desired type of wood, with any finish or paint style, shaped to whatever profile suits the customers best needs.

We shape and design quality stairs and railings to custom fit your particular home to ensure a perfect fit, and breathtaking, squeak-free stairs that are guaranteed as long as you have your home. Each unique and individual job involves extensive attention to detail, and every wooden component is hand-crafted and meticulously finished as per the customer's request.

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